I believe visuals can communicate complex ideas in a simple, easy to understand way (and ideally with a little bit of whimsy!).

My illustrations have brought humor and clarity to readers on topics such as design, research, professional development, and more. Previous clients include Culture Lab, Designer FundFast Company, and the Conscious Business Program with Fred Kofman. I also occasionally take on conference, wedding and custom card projects. For illustration work, get in touch.

User research

Understanding the state of smartphone use in 2014 in Paris, France through ethnographic field notes and interviews with French Millennials.

I interviewed six Europeans in their 20s and 30s to understand brand perceptions of Twitter.

Understanding reader behavior and motivations in the professional sphere. (Excerpt.)

Professional Development
Charts & Observations

Visual note-taking for conferences and workshops. Full decks on request.

Fireside chat with Alan Cooper on developing personas. Full primer here.

Google I/O Conference (2014): Material Design.

Google I/O Conference (2015): Designing for Driving.

Animal Love Notes


Custom illustrations pencilled, inked, digitized with love. Prints, cards, and notepads available on request.

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